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Write a dialogue between two friends about how to eradicate illiteracy from the country.

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Write a dialogue between two friends about how to eradicate illiteracy from the country.

1. Write a dialogue with your friend about how to eradicate Illiteracy from Bangladesh.

Myself: Hello friend, how are you?

Opu: Fine, thanks. And you?

Myself: Same to you. Where are you going?

Opu: I am going to attend a seminar on illiteracy problem in Bangladesh.

Myself: That’s really a nice topic. It is one of the great curses which should be eradicated within a very short time.

Opu: Happy to hear it. But how?

Myself: At first, education for the children at least up to class ten should be made free of cost as well as compulsory both for boys and girls.

Opu: Okay, you have made a very good comment. But I think besides this, there should be a system for the old.

Myself: For your kind information, there is a system for the old but they are not attending seriously.

Opu: In this condition, the government should take more steps to make them aware of the benefits of education.

Myself: Okay Apu. Sorry to delay you.

Opu: It’s okay, bye-bye.

2. A Dialogue Between Two Friends About Illiteracy Eradication.

Zafi: Hello Zarif, how are you?

Zarif: I am fine and you?

Zafi: I am also fine. I see you are absorbed in deep thought. Is there any problem?

Zarif: No, I have no personal problem. I am terribly upset about the problem of our illiteracy.

Zafi: Oh, I see. Illiteracy is undoubtedly a great problem as well as a curse for our country.

Zarif: You are right. It is the root cause of ignorance that frustrates all our development efforts.

Zafi: Exactly! No development efforts can succeed unless illiteracy is eradicated.

Zarif: Right you are. Our girls and women are the worst sufferers from illiteracy. But how can we get rid of this problem?

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Zafi: I think the government should take pragmatic steps to solve this problem. The government should make education free up to graduate level and help the poor students financially.

Zarif: You are partly right. But only government cannot solve this problem. We all should come forward and work hand in hand to solve this problem.

Zafi: It is okay! But the government should start adult schools again and take initiative so that our girls go to school and complete at least primary education.

Zarif: I agree with you! But creating mass awareness is very important in this case.

Zafi: You are right. If we develop mass awareness among the guardians, they will be aware of the importance of education.

Zarif: Absolutely. We students also can persuade illiterate guardians for sending their children to school. We should do it because it is our social duty.

Zafi: Exactly, if we all are sincere in words and deeds, eradicating illiteracy from our country is not impossible. Thank you.

Zarif: That’s right. You are most welcome.

3. Write a Dialogue about Eradicate Illiteracy.

Shafiq    : Hi Rafiq, how are you?

Rafiq    : I’m fine. And you?

Shafiq   : I’m fine too. But I’m thinking about a great problem of our country.

Rafiq    : Which are you speaking of?

Shafiq   : It is our illiteracy problem. What’s your opinion?

Rafiq  : Yes. It is a great problem as well as a curse for the country.

Shafiq : How?

Rafiq  : Because without education no nation can develop as ignorance creates
any other problems .

Shafiq   : What should we do then?

Rafiq  : We should work hard in hand to educate the illiterate.

Shafiq : We also need to create people’s awareness so that they are send their
children to school.

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Rafiq  : Yes, of curse. It’s the key factor. Our government has already taken some steps to remove illiteracy.

Shafiq : We must co-operate with the govt.

Rafiq  : Yes, we must come forward in this regard.

Shafiq : But there are some people in our society who are very poor. They are unwilling to send their children to school owing to poverty.

Rafiq :  Indeed! It’s quite so. To persuade the poor people to send their children to school the government has also started ‘Food for Education’ programme.

Shafiq : Yes, it is an epoch-making step.

Rafiq  : But the govt. alone can not solve the problem. Every educated person
including students must come forward to educate the illiterate.

Shafiq : Of course. To make the programme a success we must co-operate each

Rafiq  : If we are sincere in our words and deeds, nothing is impossible.

Shafiq : That’s right. Thank you.

Rafiq  : Ok. See you again.

4. Write a dialogue between you and your friend about how to remove illiteracy from our country.

Nishitha : Hi, Lovely! It’s a long time since we met. How’re you?

Lovely : I’m fine. And, you?

Nishitha : I’m so so. But I’m thinking seriously about a problem.

Lovely : What’s it about?

Nishitha : It’s about illiteracy problem of Bangladesh.

Lovely : Yes, undoubtedly it’s a big problem. But we have some ways to solve it.

Nishitha : How?

Lovely : Our government should take some steps to eradicate it. Education should be made free to all and it should be made compulsory.

Nishitha : Is it possible for government alone?

Lovely : The literate people should also help the government.

Nishitha : I also think so. But our country is poor. What will the poor section do?

Lovely : In this case, food for education programme should be commenced and the poor should be encouraged to come to school.

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Nishitha : We can also help them. In our leisure, we can also teach and encourage the illiterate people to be educated.

Lovely : Good idea. So, from now, we can do it. It is the right time.

Nishitha : Exactly. Let’s try.

5. Write a dialogue between two friends about eradication illiteracy from our country.

Rashed : Good afternoon, Rahim. How’re you?

Rahim : Good afternoon, Rashed. I’m fine, thanks. What about you?

Rashed : I’m fine too. Thank you.

Rahim : You know recently I’ve been thinking that I want to be a teacher in future.

Rashed : Why would you want to be a teacher?

Rahim : Well, you see currently about 40% of whole population is still illiterate. And it’s causing a huge problem in our society.

Rashed : What kind of problem?

Rahim : Well, the development of our country is getting hampered because of the huge number of illiterate people.

Rashed : How? Would you please explain?
Rahim : Well, literate people understand how to build up their life. They abide social rules and regulations. Educated people understand how to contribute to the development of our country while illiterate people become a burden to the society.

Rashed : How can we eradicate illiteracy from our country?
Rahim : Well, first of all, people should be made aware if the importance of literacy. As primary education is already compulsory, people should be inspired to go for higher education.
Rashed : What else can we do?

Rahim : Well, more free schools and colleges should be established by the government. Hopefully, the number of literate people will grow a lot by these steps.

Rashed : I hope that, too. Anyway, see you later.

Rahim : Good bye.