NCTB Books of Class 9 & 10 PDF Download 2023 | নবম-দশম শ্রেনীর সকল বই ২০২৩ - News Portal 24
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NCTB Books of Class 9 & 10 PDF Download 2023 | নবম-দশম শ্রেনীর সকল বই ২০২৩

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NCTB Books of Class 9

There are English and Bangla versions but make sure that all the books are not English Versions to find some download links. Bangla and English versions are the same. So you are now able to download the textbook of classes nine and ten. All the books are pdf downloads for classes nine and ten. Please note that all the books of Class Nine Ten readers from NCTB.

All Class 9 textbooks are following. NCTB books of class 9-10 Bangla version pdf and NCTB books of class 9-10 English version pdf included.

Book NameBangla VersionEnglish Version
Bangla SahittoDownloadDownload
Bangla sohopatDownloadDownload
Bangla bhasar bakaronDownloadDownload
English for todayDownloadDownload
Caru o karuDownloadDownload
Career EducationDownloadDownload
Rochona SomvarDownloadDownload
Bangladesh ItihasDownloadDownload
Vugul O poribeshDownloadDownload
Krishi ShikkhaDownloadDownload
Finance and BankingDownloadDownload
Bebosay UddugDownloadDownload
Islam ShikkhaDownloadDownload
Hindu dormo shikkhaDownloadDownload
Bouddo dormo shikkhaDownloadDownload
Christo dormo shikkhaDownloadDownload
Bangladesh o bissho porichoyDownloadDownload
Physical EducationDownloadDownload
Higher MathDownloadDownload
English GrammerDownloadDownload

Download Class 9-10 PDF Text Book
Bangladesh NCTB education book that also called the NCTB textbook pdf version. Here are NCTB Books of Class 9 2023 textbooks for pdf download.

You can download all the pdf books, but you will need a pdf reader to read this book. When you are using a computer, you may use the EDGE browser.  You can also use other software such as Adobe pdf reader or Foxit pdf reader. You can use Adobe reader or a mobile office application on your smartphone. Here you can download your preferred version of pdf books.

আরও পড়ুনঃ  পাকুন্দিয়ায় জিপিএ-৫ প্রাপ্তদের সংবর্ধনা

If you face any problem downloading pdf books of classes nine and ten, please let us know. Comment below if you have any textbook-related questions.