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Dialogue between two friends about advantages and disadvantages of watching TV

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Dialogue between two friends about advantages and disadvantages of watching television.

1. Suppose, you are Habib/Habiba. One of your friends is Amin/Amina. Now, write a dialogue between you and your friend about the merits and demerits of watching television.

Habiba : Hey, what’re you doing?

Amina : I’m trying to write an article on merits and demerits of watching television. Can you help me, please?

Habiba : Yes, of course. Television is a great medium of recreation. It gives us pleasure and removes boredom.

Amina : Yes, you’re right! I may also add that when we watch news on television, we get to know the happenings in and around the world. Some people also use television for distance learning as well. In this way, we get benefitted by watching television.

Habiba : But it has a number of demerits, too.

Amina : Right! Can you tell me some points in this regard?

Habiba : Watching television for a long time can irritate eyes. It may also cause sleep difficulties, behaviour problems, lower grades, and other health issues. Besides, watching violent, aggressive, criminal, sexual programmes, children may go astray.

Amina : That’s a good point.

Habiba : Hmm. I’ve seen a good number of children who spend their time watching television all day long and waste their valuable time. As a result, they cannot make good results in exams.

Amina : Yes, television addiction is a great problem of modern generation. Anyway, thanks very much for giving me such valuable information.

Habiba : You’re welcome.

Dialogue about merits and demerits of watching television

2. A dialogue between you and your friend about the good and bad effects of watching TV

Dulon: Hi, Ubaydul. How are you going on?

Ubaydul: Fine. But what were you doing when I phoned you last night?

Dulon: I was watching TV. But why did you phone me? Any problem?

Ubaydul: No. But what do you think about the good and bad effects of watching TV?

Dulon:  We can know every news of the world. Television is also a good source of entertainment.

Ubaydul: I agree with you but it has some bad effects also. Young generation can go astray by watching TV. The teenagers like us spend huge time by watching obscene movies instead of reading.

Dulon: You’re right. But we should accept the better things and avoid the harmful things.

Ubaydul: Right. But what’s about your study?

Dulon: Going well. I am trying heart and soul.

Ubaydul: Ok. Bye. Take care.

Dulon: Bye-bye. See you again.

3. Dialogue about good and bad effects of television


Write a dialogue between you and your friend about the use and abuse of Television.

Rezwan Listen to me, Tareq, please.
Tareq Yes, tell me please.
Rezwan What do you think of the good effects of television?
Tareq Advantages of television are so many – too many to count. In a word, the world comes close to our eyes with the help of television.
Rezwan Right. Television is the most modern means of amusement [চিত্তবিনোদন]. It has also a lot of educative values. We can hear the speech of eminent [বিশিষ্ট] persons. It has proved its superiority over newspapers, radios and other means.
Tareq Can we watch the news and views of home and abroad?
Rezwan Why not? As soon as we switch on television, the news of the farthest corner of the globe appears before our eyes. We can see the current news through it. Don’t you think about its an important pastime?
Tareq Your thinking is right. The dwellers of village as well as the towns watch TV as it is their pastime. They enjoy watching drama, jatra song live show of different functions and so on.
Tareq Everything is okay. But it’s true that every action has its reaction as well. Television has bad side also. It harms us when we misuse [অপব্যবহার] it. Doesn’t it?
Rezwan Definitely. I also shudder কাঁপা to think how so sweet can become so demonic [দুষ্ট]. It can drive people to the wrong way. Sometimes youngsters become addicted to enjoying and watching TV for all day long putting off the studies.
Tareq Obscene [অশ্লীল] pictures, kidnapping, immoral facts hijacking, looting etc. are shown on TV screens. Watching these harmful things people walk on the wrong way.
Rezwan The guardians as well as the authority should be aware [সচেতন] of the bad effects of TV.
Tareq Thank you
Rezwan Welcome. See you later.