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Mohammad Faruk is a Bangladeshi Artist Digital Marketer Entrepreneur & Social Influencer

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Mohammad Faruk Sohag – a young entrepreneur in digital marketing

Mohammad Faruk has achieved enviable success through digital marketing at the age of just 21, instead of hoping for a job during the current employment crisis. As well as being self-reliant, it has created job opportunities for countless young people. Seeing his success, many more young people have become interested in this profession.

Mohammad Faruk was interested in doing something new from the very beginning. His hard work and goals have brought him to the brink of success today. He started working in digital marketing at an early age. He works through his verified page named Mohammad Faruk. His company is basically working on creating content for Facebook. They do digital marketing through content projection and distribution on behalf of different types of agencies.

Mohammad Faruk thinks that digital marketing is a huge field of opportunity in the present age. In this regard, he said, ‘Its importance is increasing day by day. If you want to start working with digital marketing, you have to increase your skills first. Because with the right knowledge one can move towards this success. For this, everyone must first increase their skills. Then you have to search constantly with your eyes and ears open. Besides, you need to know the use of different tools. Millions of people need to keep an eye on what kind of content they like. ‘

Mohammad Faruk said that content creation is very important in the field of digital marketing. Again, many people are not getting the opportunity to work with digital marketing even after creating good content. Mohammad Faruk always dreams of doing something for them. He has overcome many obstacles at the beginning of his career. So Mohammad Faruk is trying from his place so that the young people who come to work in the digital world do not face any obstacles.

He is also involved in various social activities out of social responsibility. He is also widely known for blogging and music platforms.Faruk believes that it is possible to change society by spreading positivity. He explained that it is possible to cover up lies in this society by spreading the truth.

As a digital marketer, Mohammad Faruk believes that there is no shortcut to success. People become successful with their honesty, concentration, work and hard work. Where there is no honesty in human work there is no real respect for work. And real success is not found. So every human being should work honestly. Hard work leads people to the pinnacle of success. If you work with honesty and patience, success will come.

Digital marketing is the promotion of products using digital channels. Social media, search engines, influencer marketing – all include digital marketing. Half of their lives are spent by Bangladeshi students rushing into the traditional job market. So if you want to keep pace with the present time, you have to leave the traditional thinking and think of something new. In this respect digital marketing is a promising profession.